(Short Story) Scratch


This was an interesting story to work on. It wasn’t like the others. Usually for any of my stories I have the idea in my head and it incubates for a month or two as I add more bells and whistles to it before finally putting it to paper. This one however was thought up in a day. It all started with the store I work at. There was this little section off to a corner where you can buy a coffee and sit down at these tables. I always would see some pensioner with a scratch and win ticket…and also was the one stuck having to clean up the mess they’d leave on the table. One day while having to clean up after customers and throwing away a discarded scratch and win ticket, (I am still amazed that people just leave them on the table.) I thought I’d write about it. A still had another two or three hours before my shift was over and that gave me plenty of time to think something up.

But the real fun happened when I started writing the story, because I quickly lost control of it. By the end of it i didn’t expect to the have the story I thought I would write. It also didn’t help that before posting it here I kept wavering on whether or not I actually liked this story. Weird, I know, but the tinier details in this story that came about on their own have swayed me to liking it.

Fun fact to any gamers out there, when writing the first draft I wrote ‘New Vegas” instead of “Los Vegas” and didn’t even notice I had made a mistake until I was looking for typos.


About Albedosrighthand

A young writer who treads the line between gamer and literary nutball.
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