To Each His Own Introduction “Misadventures in SPAAAAAACE! “


Eclipse Phase is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the far future. It’s so far in the future that everyone is able to backup there minds onto computers, making immortality a vary real possibility. Bodies are to them what cars our to us now: Expensive, but upgrading to one is vary real for the rich. Mankind is far from ‘saved’ though. Ten years ago a disaster rendered Earth uninhabitable, forcing mankind into the rest of the solar system. The closer mankind comes to immortality, the closer it comes to extinction.

For the past two months I have been running a campaign with this game. I am the Game master and currently have three players. It’s been a great game so far and I have been documenting each session for the player’s reference. The document has become quite extensive so I will be releasing them on this blog in segments for your enjoyment. I’ll get the vary first session online soon, for now this google doc will just be explaining the details of the world I have put together. Everything from the names of Hyper-corporations, to the history and backgrounds of the player’s characters. The doc (That I’ve been called the Gazette) will have some strange terminology so I’ll try to include brief explanations of those in this doc. If any of this catches your interest I highly recommend checking out their site here and support the awesome work they do. They have even released their manuals online for free, which in this age of pirating deserves massive respect. Post Human Studios will be running a kickstarter soon for their player’s handbook “Transhuman”. I wholeheartedly suggest helping fund that.

After all, how many games exist in which you can play as a sentient Octopus in an armored space-suit that holds guns in EVERY arm.

Here is the introductory doc for my Campaign “To Each His Own”


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2 Responses to To Each His Own Introduction “Misadventures in SPAAAAAACE! “

  1. Opticam says:

    Hey, I found an error. It’s in your glossary description for “morph”. Biomorphs are fully biological, synthmorphs are entirely robotic (with the ego being simply uploaded data), and cases are actually just a cheap, mass-produced type of synthmorph.

    The ones that are in the middle that you were probably thinking of are “pods”. They are biological bodies, but they have a cyberbrain instead of a regular one.

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