“To Each his Own” Session 2: Shocking Shenanigans


Here we go folks the second session of my Eclipse Phase campaign in which the players deal with a giant enemy crab and learn about the best add-on to any firearm: Shock Safety.

Session 2: Shocking Shenanigans

Game Master notes and thoughts after the break.It was during this session that I learned just how annoying T-ray emitters are. They make it guaranteed that your players will know whats behind doors if they remember to use it. Its a nice exercise for myself and probably other GMs to since now you must either find a way to make them not see whats behind it, or make them REGRET seeing whats behind the door. After all, in most horror stories, it isn’t about what you don’t know but about what you do know.

To this day I am annoyed that I missed the chance to shock Joshua Green when he tried to hack that Guardian Angel. The party has been a lot more careful about enemy firearms since then.


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