“To Each his Own” Session 3: Armor-Defeating Called Shots



The third session of “To Each His Own” in which one of the players does his homework on combat mechanics…and shows his work. They get complete access of every camera on the ship…and finds something scary.

Session 3: Armor-Defeating Called Shots

Gamemaster notes after the break.

This was a great session for the party although it went by quickly. My biggest concern early on was combat, since its very easy to die in this game. And if your character takes enough damage they start getting penalties on every kind of roll. So I didn’t have a lot of enemies…

…and then Edward Debois starts BAMFing around like he owns the joint. I’ll admit though his actions were not only within character, but well planned out. He even took the stacks of everyone he shot. So I improvise and the moment they gain security access I tell them about the big floating tank robot that will ruin their day.

Next session…A new player joins, and everyone has a nice tea-party in which no one gets shot.


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A young writer who treads the line between gamer and literary nutball.
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