(Short Story) He had a Good Reason


Here we go. My next short story.  He Had a Good Reason

This one was a blast to write and the first half, at least a part of the first half was based on real events. I had been stuck waiting outside a game store and after an hour long wait got really annoyed. I remember considering writing a note, but then stopped and thought “hey, he probably had a good reason…” And then my mind started coming up with crazy things that could have stopped him from opening on time. I also used this as an excuse to have one character go on a huge rant. I’ve always wanted to do that in one of my stories.

Long story short, always use experiences in life as inspiration for stories. But don’t just write about real life. That’s boring as hell.


About Albedosrighthand

A young writer who treads the line between gamer and literary nutball.
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