“To Each his Own” Session 4: Deviating From the Plan


Session 4 of my Eclipse Phase campaign “To Each His Own” Perhaps one of the most enjoyable sessions I’ve had with my party and the game so far.

Game master notes below. This session went very smoothly, even with one player late, and the discovery of the grenade rules not quite being as fleshed out as I thought they had been. What I believe made this session perfect was 2 things.

1) No railroading happened. They had a goal and I had let them go about it anyway they wanted. So everything went smoothly and naturally. A 2 hour session doesn’t feel like it when your watching three people get immersed in your world and rise to the given challenge.

2)The party honestly put a lot of care and thought into this plan.

In hindsight this session is one I need to remember every time I write my missions. There is a point early in chapter 2 where I railroaded the party and I felt bad about it. Its hard to believe that I forgot the players might try to walk along the outside of the space station to get somewhere.

Any other GMs or DMs who’ve dealt with amazing moments of player-planning like this session, either in Eclipse Phase or other games? Or the dreaded specter of railroading? Feel free to say so down below.



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