EarthBound is NOT a console seller


Earthbound, to put it simply is the cult classic of all cult classics when you’re talking about old video games. In the nearly 20 years since its release, few games if any can rival the zaniness this game has. In those 20 years, only a sequel was released for the GBA in 2005…only in Japan. Earthbound itself was scheduled for the Nintendo Wii but that never came to fruition. It was then planned to pop onto the Virtual console…but that never happened either. Those 20 year old game cartridges for Earthbound can go for more than 300$ online. Have I mentioned that it’s a 20 year old game?

News has come out that Earthbound will be re-released…for the Wii U Virtual Console ‘sometime’ later this year. Fans are both cheering and cringing.  Why?

Because this means that only those who own a Wii U can get this game. This 20 year old game will be exclusive to the newest Nintendo console. This to me feels like a bad move. To not put this on the Wii’s virtual console store and the 3DS online store as well severely limits who will be buying this re-release. I hope Nintendo isn’t too surprised when Earthbound’s sales is lower than their projections.

…Unless this is a strong arm tactic to ‘motivate’ people to buy the Wii U (Which some people are starting to believe), but that can’t be the case. No one would think to use a 20 year old game to help sell a modern console. This is clearly just a marketing snafu. After all, I don’t know a single person who owns a 3DS that wouldn’t buy this title. That’s a lot of cash down the drain.



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3 Responses to EarthBound is NOT a console seller

  1. reyeko says:

    when I heard it was coming to virtual console I assumed it would be available for 3DS and was excited for that, making it exclusive to WiiU is stupid no one is going to buy a console to play a game that they’ve been emulating for the past 2 decades anyways. Also with homebrew on wii you can already emulate it on wii, this is a really stupid move…

  2. player1 says:

    Not putting it on 3DS is really strange. Even stranger is not putting it on DSi. Aren’t there more DS users than WiiU? What is Nintendo thinking?

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