If you liked Bioshock Infinite’s ending you gotta play these games…


I’ll try to keep spoilers out of this post, but let’s be honest here, most if not all who read this have seen the ending to Bioshock Infinite or know about it. If you loved all that crazy timey-whimey stuff about quantum states and alternate timelines, then you need to play… the Zero Escape series.


This series is CRAZY. The first game called “9Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors” follows the story of 9 people stuck on a boat that will sink in 9 hours and they must get through puzzles and challenges or else the bombs implanted inside them will explode. This rare game was released with a new cover to show that it is part of a series now. Zero Escape 2 came out back in October and a third is in the works.

The first game doesn’t focus on the crazy Bioshock infinite stuff until near the end, but it’s sequel Zero Escape 2: Virtue’s Last Reward dives balls deep into the topic. If you loved the last 20 minutes of Bioshock, then imagine a whole game dedicated to it. Zero Escape 2 takes the subject matter and goes so far beyond they pass the moon.

The only thing that could hold people back from playing it is that unlike Bioshock, its not a shooter. Both games are a visual novel puzzle game hybrid, but with a heavy focus on the visual novel side and less so on the puzzles. Ever play a visual novel and hate having to play through its multiple branching story lines? Well it does this here, and I wont say ‘how’ but it does so in a way that not only makes sense story wise but makes you WANT to go through all the paths.



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