“To Each His Own” Session 5: Don’t Fear the Reaper


The fifth session and final part in the first mission/chapter of my ongoing campaign. How do they deal with the floating death tank? Only in Eclipse Phase will you find action this surreal.

Session 5: Don’t Fear the Reaper

Gamemaster notes below.This session was amazing. Combat was a tad bit clunky at first since we were all getting used to the rules, but once everything started going the party had a moment that wont be forgotten anytime soon. They even decided to release the XP of Tanis’s act of awesome onto the MESH. There have been two instances since where they have shown that XP to people who doubt their combat prowess.

This ended the first mission I made. Afterwards was a period I call ‘Downtime’ in which the characters went their separate ways and lived their lives. This went on for a week of ingame time before they received a message from Firewall. It was time for their first mission…


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A young writer who treads the line between gamer and literary nutball.
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4 Responses to “To Each His Own” Session 5: Don’t Fear the Reaper

  1. Opticam says:

    Detonating a thermobaric grenade inside a ship seems… Unwise. Were they trying to get the guy killed?

  2. Edward DuBois says:

    Edward has a very simple creed for living his life:
    “Information should be free, unless it’s about me.”

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