Distant Worlds are a little bit closer now

ImageOn Wednesday I went to see Distant Worlds. This show was done by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and played hit songs from the Final Fantasy video game series. It was truly amazing to see a seventy piece orchestra and a choir singing such tunes as Zanarkand theme, Dancing Mad, Terra’s theme, and of course the biggest hit of the night, One Winged Angel. Every one of those songs was a hundred times more powerful, in both sound and emotional strength, than just hearing them from my computer speakers.

I really should go to more symphonies.

Anyway, on to something I was pondering after the show. When I was younger I had focused a lot of my energy trying to legitimize my hobby. Yes folks, I was that guy who called video games ‘art’. I don’t know why I felt I needed to back then but after asking around it seemed like it’s a bit more common in the gaming community than I expected.

We want video games to be a respected form of entertainment like music and movies. Due to video game’s beginnings it isn’t too hard to see why people still view them as just toys. 

Although the debate has always continued, I stopped caring a long time ago and just focused on enjoying the games. However, after watching that show I don’t think anyone has any reason to worry about video games not getting the respect they deserve. After all, we live in a time when a seventy piece orchestra can play nothing but songs from ONE game series, and sell out of tickets.

If games do actually need to be ‘legitimized’, or prove itself, then time is our ally in this. The difference between gaming when compared to movies or music is simply the time they have been on this planet. Gaming is young, but at this pace it will have a firm foothold in our culture.


About Albedosrighthand

A young writer who treads the line between gamer and literary nutball.
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