Transhuman Kickstarter Breaks Fourth Stretch Goal

ImageWow. Just wow. I won’t lie about this. I am completely floored that this kickstarter has raised so much. Its original goal was 14,000$. It reached that goal in 12 hours and have been blowing through its stretch goals. It has currently broke its fourth stretch goal at 40,000$.

Posthuman Studios have rightly earned all the cash fans are throwing at them. Not only do they release quality books, but they honestly care about their game. Every single question that’s been asked in the comment section of the kickstarter was answered within an hour, sometimes even MINUTES of the question being asked.

Eclipse Phase is truly a unique world for a science fiction setting. Or I guess the better term would be ‘worlds’ since every one of the planets in our solar system becomes populated by mankind. There are the Quartz morphs on Venus’s surface mining and terraforming. People with wings flying on earth’s moon. Hyper intelligent dolphins and whales in the oceans of Europa studying alien coral reefs. Even the sun has been populated at this point, granted it is still a brutal environment.

Even if you are only now hearing about Posthuman studios and Eclipse Phase, go check them out. Pledge 1$ and then go check out the EP rulebooks that the studio have released FOR FREE online. I am confident that after seeing the world they have made you will up that pledge. If I am wrong and you aren’t interested then simply cancel the pledge.

Transhuman Kickstarter


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