Hey E-Reader companies, want to make money?


To put it simply I love E-readers. I started with the original Kobo, and when I dropped it and messed up the screen I upgraded to the Kobotouch. Then a few months back I upgraded to the KoboGlo and never looked back. Unless I break my current Kobo, I have no interest in getting a new E-Reader unless a companies comes out with these two additions. Listen up guys, because this is actual marketing advice and not just a fanboy chomping at the bit.

1)Bigger screen. Yes I understand that a smaller screen can mean more portability. The Kobo-mini is really impressive when held in your hand, but have you ever tried to read a PDF on an E-Reader? I am pretty sure all E-Readers can run PDF files, but because of the screen’s size the process of actually reading them is cumbersome. I would pay extra for an E-Reader with a screen that was 8.5 x 11. Reading manuals and textbooks or work with annotations on the sides of the pages would be infinity easier.

Noticed how I mentioned textbooks? As long as it was cheaper than a tablet, every student with digital copies of their textbooks would get one of these readers.

2)Color E-Ink. The ability to have colored text and images on an E-Reader would be a huge advantage. Yes there are ‘E-Readers’ with color LCD screens, but those forget the reason people like me buy E-Readers. The E-Ink. The ability to read on a sunny day outside was truly what sold me on E-Readers to begin with. I would also love nothing more than to put mine on sleep mode and see the cover of the book in color on the screen.

If the E-Reader has both color E-Ink and a larger screen then that only increases how handy it would be for reading textbooks and PDFs. Most children’s picture books could also be easily converted and shown on them too. Make a ‘Baby’s first E-reader’ load it with 20 children’s books and BOOM, they’ll sell like hotcakes. Give parents a cheap yearly or monthly subscription fee for additional books and you have yourself a steady income.

Your kid would be able to read such classics as…Image


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A young writer who treads the line between gamer and literary nutball.
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One Response to Hey E-Reader companies, want to make money?

  1. Excellent ideas. I knew that I needed a miniature laptop a full year before ASUS lanched theirs. Bingo! So if we want something badly enough, the only thing we have to do now is wait…
    and cross our fingers and chant ‘please make one, please make one…’

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