Why the Xbox One will fail


Well the Microsoft Conference for the next gen Xbox console has revealed many things and cleared up some rumors. The biggest rumor of them all was that the console would need to always be connected to the internet in order to play even single player games. Luckily, that isn’t happening. However, something else is…

This Wired Article talks about the Xbox One and the ability to install the game onto the Xbox and play it without the disc. To prevent someone from passing one disc around to a bunch of people,  each disc will have to be tied to one account. A user will have to pay a fee to install the game onto a second account/machine. When asked if this additional fee is required in order to play the game on another console, the executives did not have an answer for this.

I find their silence damning. It has been talked about for a while now that Microsoft had been trying to ‘deal’ with used games, and it looks like we have finally seen the first step in the fight against used games. Imagine buying a great fighting game and bringing it to your friend’s place so you could all sit down, and party, only to get a message saying you need to pay AGAIN in order to play it. This kind of contempt for the customer is astounding.

This can not be allowed to happen. Imagine how wasteful it would be to have all those used games useless unless a fee is paid. I can still pop in my Final Fantasy 1 NES cartridge and play it just fine, but the same can’t be said for an Xbox One game.

And if you don’t care about Microsoft, and never even played on an Xbox, you still need to speak out against this. If Microsoft makes any reasonable amount of money off this then what is stopping Sony or Nintendo from copying their strategy.

Used games are not hurting the industry. They will hurt companies no more than cassette tapes hurt the radio. What will hurt Microsoft is doing something incredibly stupid like this. As long as this ‘Pay Gate’ exists then people must not buy this console. If we don’t vote with our wallets and make this the biggest gaming fiasco since the Virtual-boy, then who knows what could happen to the game industry.

[Note: If more information comes out in the future showing Microsoft wont do this then I will make a note of here and retract my statement. After all, if they can still play a used game on a different console but only pay to install it on the system then that’s perfectly fine in my eyes.]


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