We are Transhuman


Ladies, Gentlemen, and Space Whales, It’s over. The Eclipse Phase Transhuman Kickstarter is over and successfully raised 117,965$ with 1898 Backers.

Simply amazing. Their original goal was only 14,000$. They broke that goal within 24 hours of starting and then started bulldozing through stretch goal after stretch goal. If anyone working on the project is reading this, take these words to heart. “You guys earned that money.” The world in these books is amazing and top notch.

With the release of the player’s guide Transhuman, I am confident we will see even more people joining in on this game. With character creation made more fluid and even more world building elements added, this will be an amazing manual.

Keep up the great work guys.



About Albedosrighthand

A young writer who treads the line between gamer and literary nutball.
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