To Each His Own: Session 8 “Airlock Ailments”


The party tries to go in a direction I hadn’t expected. I railroad them, and the hacker rolls a crit fail on a scavenge check.

Session 8

I honestly dreaded posting this session. I had built this huge spacestation with a large layout and the party had wanted to go in a direction that I hadn’t expected.  I had to resort to railroading the party to go through the airlock I wanted them to go through. I spent time after that trying to realize what went wrong. The problem: The party had made a logical, efficient choice, and I hadn’t anticipated it.

After that I went back to my adventure notes and started changing stuff and throwing stuff away. I completely changed what would happen. I made the access to the Security Ring a lot closer (it was supposed to be in the Chemical Research Slice). It really just goes to show you that you need to trust that your players will bring their own fun to the game. Your job as a GM is to make an adventure, but not the stories inside that adventure. Luckily my abilities to ad-lib whole sections of missions has vastly improved. You’ll see proof of that in the first part of chapter 3, when the party is on Progress and Edward infiltrates a laboratory that didn’t even exist in my game notes.


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A young writer who treads the line between gamer and literary nutball.
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One Response to To Each His Own: Session 8 “Airlock Ailments”

  1. Piscis says:

    Always nice to run into a fellow GM/writer. The two pursuits complement each other nicely, don’t they? (>^-‘)>

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