Eclipse Phase Episode 1 “Welcome to Europa”

Our campaign has been going for a while now. They started to be recorded during a one-shot I ran on Europa. It’s not the best of episodes, but still full of laughs.


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5 Responses to Eclipse Phase Episode 1 “Welcome to Europa”

  1. Edward DuBois says:

    This was the first game we ever recorded, and for these first few recordings I had no idea how to do audio editing. As a result, there’s a fair bit of dead air present. Here’s the video description I wrote for this, in case you don’t feel like clicking over to the actual YouTube page:

    “This is a recording of a one-shot session we played of Eclipse Phase ( set on Europa — an icy moon of Jupiter. Eclipse Phase is a Sci-Fi game with heavy Transhumanist themes, and a focus on conspiracy and horror. …Or at least it’s supposed to when people who aren’t us play it.

    We decided to play this in a sort of celebration of the launch of “Transhuman” — a new player’s guide for Eclipse Phase which includes — along with a lot of other cool stuff — alternate character generation methods. One of which is called the “life path” system. This method essentially generates a random character. Now, normally, you’re supposed to just ignore or reroll any results that come up during it that don’t make sense, but we decided that that’s for chumps. As a result, we wound up with a crack-shot cop without a body riding around in a monkey that had been converted into a wi-fi hotspot, and a psychic former bioconservative thief that has already gone gatecrashing four times despite having no ability to use any kind of gun.

    There is a bunch of banter at the beginning, actual play starts at: 13:25

    A few warnings:
    – Since this was a one-shot with randomly created characters, the emphasis skews heavily toward loonballery over proper roleplaying, and none of us are very good at staying on topic.
    – When I was trying to convert this file, the ending got cut off of it. I don’t know why, but as a result it ends about 5-10 minutes early. As such, I will say that he critically succeeded his Networking check, and the 13k triad assisted in the evacuation of the refuges, in the process making a whole lot of money picking up the morphs for next-to-nothing, and made themselves look like heroes to the public for doing it. The character himself became something of a beloved figure in the triad for having found the opportunity as well.
    – I have an annoying laugh.

    This is mainly intended for other members of my gaming group, so there are a number of references and jokes about our other games that aren’t going to make any sense to anyone who stumbled across this and decided to listen to it despite their own better judgement.”

  2. Harry says:

    I for one enjoyed it. I also have no idea how I got here, but I know this is pretty in line with the one or 2 times I’ve played EP. I’m not sure what that says about my group. It cuts off suddenly at the end however, between that and this being episode 1 I take it that means there is a second part? I hope thats the case at least.

    • The next part will be a standard mission. The cut off was a problem during recording and the last few minutes were lost. Its summed up in the comment made by Edward. The character Joshua super crit a networking check which I decided would change the fate of the campaign.

      • Harry says:

        Well now I just look silly for not reading his comment haha. Oh well, the session seemed to be ending anyway and its good to hear not much was lost. Though I would recommend keeping a copy of the raw before you convert it to hopefully avoid this problem in the future.

  3. Edward DuBois says:

    Yeah, I’m still kicking myself for not doing it now.

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