CATastrophe Beta Release!


About a year ago I stumbled across a fledgling role-playing game called CATastrophe. It was so new that it wasn’t even complete yet. I found it in a section of 4chan dedicated to role-playing games. In this part of the world’s most infamous website, several other games have been brainstormed and brought to life by the users there. Engine Heart was just such a game, and it had a very successful Kick-starter a year ago. Another well known creation is ‘Adeptus Evangelion‘, which I highly recommend for all you Eva fans out there.

What I had found online was the ‘Alpha Release’. This was a PDF file with the a rough draft of the rules and a small bit of information on the world the game takes place in. It was late one night that I had found it, read through it all, and had fallen in love with the game’s setting. It was post apocalyptic in a brand new way. The world had ended, and became a flooded water-world paradise in which mankind was nearly forgotten. The world is now populated by a race of genetically altered human like people with animal ears and tails that were designed to survive in this new world. These impish ‘Kemomimi’ as they are called live their lives in this paradise going on adventures and exploring the flooded remains of human malls and laboratories, searching for technology they don’t fully understand. There was no depressing darkness or grimness for the sake of grimness, it was light-hearted and refreshing.

This passion drove me to start adding my own touches to this world. I was coming up with ideas for villages, towns, and locations for the inhabitants and players to live in and explore. I also started collecting any and all info on places and people other fans of the game had created. I even started to come up with ideas for changes to the rough draft to help smooth out the game mechanics. As time passed I was able to get in touch with the guy who wrote up the rough draft and I ended up becoming part of the team as they were working on fixing up the game for a more professional release.

Over that time I have been helping come up with ideas, rebuilding the mechanics and rules, doing a lot of writing, and finally, editing up what would be the Beta release. This copy which just hit the internet two days ago has the updated rules as well as a mission statement calling all those interested in the game to try out the rules and tell us if there are any major flaws and issues with its rules and mechanics.

We will then use this knowledge to make a final version. We will also be putting a lot of world information, such as lists of locations and peoples as well as information on the lives of this new race of people. We currently have just over eighty pages in this beautiful book, but by the time we do a full release it could be double that.

I’ve learned so much from being a part of this group. It’s taught me how to follow schedules and work on deadlines, how to discuss creative ideas with others and most importantly, how to know when to back down if I have a shoddy idea that doesn’t quite fit the game. If all else goes well, you could end up seeing CATastrophe hitting Kick-starter one day.

…But I don’t count my chickens before they hatch. Right now, we have to focus on polishing this game to a mirror shine. The link below will lead all those interested to the current beta document as well as several other materials like character sheets and contact information. The original ‘Alpha’ is also available if you want to see just how far this project has come since its first online release.

If you have any questions for myself or others in this team, especially if it is a comment, complaint or criticism of the project, please send it to

Reddit Link

Google Docs Link



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