I Finally Join Steam Thanks to a Typing Game


I have always had a strange fondness for typing games, partly because of my love of video-games, and my conscious concern for my typing ability. With my recent adoption of the Dvorak keyboard layout, the need to improve my typing skills had become dire. I finally found a title that will keep me hooked for a while.

Typing of the Dead: Overkill.

This was originally the On-Rails Shooter called House of the Dead: Overkill, but the publishers re-released the game modified so that instead of shooting the zombies with a light gun, you needed to type out words and sentences on the screen before they can reach you. There was a much older version simply called Typing of the Dead that came out back before the year 2000 in arcades. Try to imagine an arcade booth with two keyboards attached to it instead of guns.


I did my research and looked into Overkill when I first heard about it and discovered that not only was it for sale on Steam, but it also had several DLCs that give you different phrases and words to type instead. They have a profanity filled one that cranks up the childishness, and if you are feeling classy they have a Shakespeare DLC that makes you fill out famous phrases from his plays.

Add all that to the campy self awareness the game has and you have yourself an incredibly fun time practicing your typing.

Both the game and almost all of its DLC was on sale as a bundle for about 12$ and I knew I had to get it, so I registered for Steam and bought the game. I’ve known about Steam for a while, and liked that it had frequent, and frequently absurd sales, but I had always kept putting it off. Now I am a part of Steam. Join us. Become one with us. One of us. One of us…

Add me if you want. My username is Danny_B_O



About Albedosrighthand

A young writer who treads the line between gamer and literary nutball.
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