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I love re-imaginings. I live in a time when it seams like all the stories that could be told have been, and even though I don’t believe that to be true, I still enjoy the fruits of such mindsets. Its … Continue reading

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I Finally Join Steam Thanks to a Typing Game

I have always had a strange fondness for typing games, partly because of my love of video-games, and my conscious concern for my typing ability. With my recent adoption of the Dvorak keyboard layout, the need to improve my typing … Continue reading

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Completed Notebooks: Fossils of my Writing

I filled out a notebook yesterday. It always feels like I cross a memorable milestone when I take a blank notebook with 192 pages and completely fill it with ideas and stories. Even if the writing in it never sees … Continue reading

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A love that will defile the World: Saya no Uta (Song of Saya) Review

A story of insanity, murder, and a love that will change the world…for the worse.

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Review – Innocent Chit-chat by Daniel O’Hare

Originally posted on TheBestSliceofPie:
Innocent Chit-Chat by Daniel O’Hare… A perfect title for a story¬†balancing on a pin of ¬†judgements & assumptions. ¬† I think there is something so very enjoyable about taking a break from my own writing and…

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Review of Deep Sounding: The Lives of Hearty Dwarves

The world is a desolate, inhospitable place, but the dwarves are a hardy race. They survive underground in sprawling cavernous cities, carving out a life for themselves from the stone. In this world the worst punishment is to be exiled … Continue reading

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FCC proposes a ‘fast lane’ for the internet and gets their bandwidth throttled

Oh boy is this crazy. The FCC’s spokesman Tom Wheeler spoke to the world about a week ago on a proposed Internet Fast Lane they will be offering. This would effectively make two kinds of connections: The ‘normal’ internet access … Continue reading

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