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I love re-imaginings. I live in a time when it seams like all the stories that could be told have been, and even though I don’t believe that to be true, I still enjoy the fruits of such mindsets. Its … Continue reading

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(Short Story) Lady Justice

About a month ago I saw this sketch on HitRecord.org from a user names Sambasques. Immediately I was inspired to write a spaghetti western short story based off this sketch.

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(Short Story) A Step Up From a Goldfish

In order to prove to his mother he can care for a real pet, he is stuck with a Tamagotchi. I got the idea for this short after my week long ordeal with the Tamagotchi Life app on my phone. … Continue reading

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Super Shower Fun Time

Few times in life have inspiration ‘hit me’. It has always been more like a snowball rolling down a slope until it grows bigger and bigger, picking up more speed as it goes along. But there were two times to … Continue reading

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